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Did you have a hard day at work? High school is stressing you up? Kick the Buddy helps you to recover your good mood... by hitting a funny doll with whatever you would like.

Kick the Buddy is a fun game where we bring this buddy under some painful attacks with several weapons: freezing rays, fire guns, missiles and many more. Relief your stress and change your mood with Kick the Buddy, just picture who deserves those hits and kicks.

Weapons and more

Kick the Buddy is an addictive game in which you can shoot, kick, hit and destroy a doll in several ways. You won't get tired of this app since you can choose among a great variety of conventional (and no very so) weapons, from guns to the wrath of animals like sharks, squids and lions. Not enough? Zombies will do the trick!


While you enjoy firing all you have towards this little buddy, you can enhance your game experience with nice backgrounds and other decoration elements. Never get bored again with Kick the Buddy and its customized scenarios.


Kick the Buddy is updated frequently with new weapons, backgrounds, missions and many more items to improve the gaming experience and keep it as fun as possible. The 'No Mercy' power up is the most celebrated add-on by our users.